Expertise in medicine and the human sciences during the 20th century in Europe and beyond

Our conference took place:

  • 16-18 May 2024, Prague, Vila Lanna

Our keynote speakers were:

  • Prof. Monika Baár, European University Institute.
  • Dr. Bogdan C. Iacob​, "Nicolae Iorga" Institute of History in Bucharest, Romanian Academy

Expertise shapes modern societies, and the issues of health and normalcy form their core. That is why analyzing the disciplines of medicine and the human sciences – such as psychology, sociology, demography, and pedagogy – helps us understand how modern societies function and change. There has been increasing interest in socialist expertise in recent years, and our research project, ExpertTurn, is part of that growing scholarly community. We focus on the human science expertise in East-Central Europe from comparative and transnational perspectives.

In our project’s conference, we aimed to broaden our scope spatially and temporally. Thus, the presented papers analyzed human science expertise circulated in Europe, whether it originated there or elsewhere, during the short 20th century (approximately from the interwar period to post-socialism, the 1920s-1990s). Over 30 participants from 14 countries in Europe and beyond discussed their research, underscoring connections across the borders of disciplines, nations, and time periods.

Conference Programme (PDF)