Expertise in authoritarian societies. Human sciences in the socialist countries of East-Central Europe
Expertise shapes modern forms of governance. Yet, we know significantly more about the postwar Western expertise than we know about the other side of the Iron Curtain. ExpertTurn will put expertise center stage and analyze socialist countries.

Upcoming events

22. 8. 2024
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Reproductive Health from a Gender Perspective

Kateřina Lišková will give a lecture "Reproductive health from a gender perspective"​ as part of "Gender & Health" at Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

21. 11. 2024 - 24. 11. 2024
Boston, U.S.A.

56th ASEEES Annual Convention 2024

Kateřina Lišková, Theo Finsterschoot and Vjačeslav Glazov will present at the 56th ASEEES Annual Convention in Boston in a panel Falling by the wayside. Expertise on unwanted children, youth criminals and sadistic women in socialist Czechoslovakia and Poland. 

Newest outcomes

16. 7. 2024 - 19. 7. 2024
Glasgow, United Kingdom

Society for the Social History of Medicine Biennial conference

Kateřina Lišková, Annina Gagyiova and José L.A. López Barajas will present at the Biennial Conference of the Society for the Social History of Medicine a panel “How to bring up a normal kid. Human science expertise on healthy child development in socialist East Central Europe”.

11. 6. 2024 - 13. 6. 2024
Uppsala, Sweden

Feminist Labour History Network at the 5th conference of the ELHN

Natalia Jarska and Annina Gagyiova presented at the Feminist Labour History Network at the 5th conference of the ELHN in a panel on “Expert discourses and struggles around the regulation of women’s labour”.

28. 5. 2024 - 30. 5. 2024
Sofia, Bulgaria

Transformations of Postwar Europe: Medicine, Bodies and Technologies

José L.A. López Barajas presented a paper: Socialist Bowlby. “Maternal deprivation and childcare institutions in socialist Poland and East Germany from a comparative and transnational perspective”. Vjačeslav Glazov presented a paper “The problem of youth criminality between psychiatry and criminology in socialist Czechoslovakia“.